Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Cites & Insights 4:13 Available

Cites & Insights 4:13 (November 2004) is now available for downloading.

This 20-page issue, PDF as always, includes:

  • The Library Stuff--seven articles worth reading
  • Bibs & Blather--Advocacy? and further notes about readership
  • Perspective: RSS and Multimodes Revisited
  • Library Access to Scholarship--more comments from "the Empire," the Nature discussion concludes, the NIH plan, and more.
  • Feedback & Followup: Wikis, Reading and More--more on Wikipedia, the NEA survey, "the one that isn't here," and GoDVD! and DMCA.
  • Perspectives: Three Brief Pieces--when standards die, blogging and enthusiasm, and does the music matter?