Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cites & Insights 7:1 available

Cites & Insights vol. 7, number 1 (January 2007) is now available for downloading.

The 26-page issue (PDF as usual, but most essays are also available as HTML separates from the home page) includes:

  • Bibs & Blather: Navel Gazing Part 6 - the usual start-of-volume essay.

  • Perspective: Book Searching: OCA/GBS Update

  • Trends & Quick Takes - Five trends and three quicker takes

  • Finding a Balance: Patrons and the Library

  • Interesting & Peculiar Products - three products, plus short notes on Editors' Choices and Best Buys (replacing PC Progress)

  • Perspective: The Death of the Disc?

  • My Back Pages - eight mini-rants.

Happy holidays!