Friday, April 13, 2007

Cites & Insights 7:5 available

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 7:5 (May 2007) is now available for downloading.

The 26-page issue is PDF as usual, but you can get HTML separates of most essays from the home page.

NOTE: If you have any websites with links to the old C&I site, please change them. That site will disappear fairly soon.

This issue includes:

  • Bibs & Blather - On being cited, introducing a new section, and a belated followup from Richard Entlich (with apology)

  • Old Media/New Media - Updates on the health of four old media

  • Offtopic Perspective: 50-Movie Classic Musicals, Part 1 - no West Side Story, but Reet, Petite and Gone is hot stuff.

  • Interesting & Peculiar Products - four segments plus 15 roundups in seven categories in the new "Editors Choices and Best Buys" segment (replacing "PC Progress")

  • Making it Work - A new section, continuing the conversations about libraries, social software in libraries, balance... (and incorporating The Library Stuff)

  • Net Media: The High-Def Disc Saga Continues - still not time for most libraries to start buying Blu-ray or HD DVD, but lots of news.

  • My Back Pages - six grumpy little essays.

And don't forget to visit Cites & Insights Books to buy Balanced Libraries: Thoughts on Continuity and Change.