Sunday, August 15, 2004

Cites & Insights 4:11 Available

Cites & Insights 4:11, September 2004, is now available for downloading.
This 24-page PDF issue includes:

  • Bibs & Blather
  • Perspective: The Quality Contradiction
  • Library Access to Scholarship--half the issue, thanks to the NIH, Scientific publications: Free for all?, and lots of developments in OA and elsewhere
  • The Library Stuff--nine items
  • Library Stuff Perspective: Information Commons?
  • The Good Stuff--six items.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

C&I Updates: For the Atom feed

No, I'm not starting a personal weblog--but, in the interests of serving RSS bigots, I am starting this one.

There will be a new post each time an issue of Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large is posted.

There may be infrequent new posts dealing with monetization, sponsorship, expansion, redirection, etc.: Typically not more than one or two a month.

If the Atom feed isn't obvious, it's because this is all new to me.