Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cites & Insights 5:7 available

Cites & Insights 5:7, May 2005, is now available for downloading. (HTML versions of most essays are also available from the home page.)

This 22-page issue includes:

  • ©3 Perspective: FMA: Watching the Way You Want: a commentary on the recently-passed Family Movie Act, part of the Family Entertainment Act of 2005.

  • Following Up: Four corrections and clarifications.

  • ©3: Balancing Rights: Comments on piracy, infringement, and P2P, DRM, and more.

  • Offtopic Perspective: Family Classics 50 Movie Pack, Part 2: 25 more old movies, including a half-silent/half-sound flick, a silent movie with speaking and sound throughout, and Fred Astaire on walls and ceiling.

  • Ethical Perspective: Weblogging Ethics and Impact

  • Session Report: ACRL 2005: Joy Weese Moll reports on "What's Next? Academic Libraries in a Google Environment"

Reposted to correct Joy Weese Moll's first name.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cites & Insights 5:6 available

Cites & Insights 5:6 (April 2005) is now available.

The 22-page issue, PDF as always, includes:

  • Bibs & Blather: Go Away--and an HTML challenge!

  • disContent Perspective: Print a bil i ty -- 30% failure rate!

  • The Library Stuff: seven articles worth noting

  • Net media Perspective: Google and Gorman: More thoughts on Google Print, and a retrospective on the recent unpleasantness

  • Trends & Quick Takes: four trends, eight quick takes

  • The Good Stuff: five articles worth noting

Friday, April 01, 2005

Walt at Random now live

Some of you might be interested in my new weblog, Walt at Random.

It went live today, as my own comment on the significance of the weblog.

I guarantee it won't weaken Cites & Insights. I'm not sure how the two will complement one another.

It's even possible that Walt at Random will wither away like most new weblogs. Unlikely, but possible.

By the way: The April issue of Cites & Insights will be out within the next nine or ten days...