Thursday, March 16, 2006

C&I 6.5: Temporary replacement for the PDF

It's clear that the PDF for C&I 6.5 is unacceptably large and slow, with at least one user saying that page 1 never appears. I credit my stupid agreement to accept a 36MB "upgrade" to Acrobat 7.0.7 for this wonderful state of affairs.

For now, I've replaced the typographically accurate but uselessly slow version with a very fast, very small, and unfortunately very Ariel (or "whatever") version (the PDFWriter output from Word); it's certainly readable, if certainly not what I want.

I'll replace it with a proper version if and when I can get Acrobat downgraded to 7.0 and get it working properly again..

But for now, you can either download the HTML version (lots more pages, Book Antiqua) or the PDF version (ugly typeface, 28 pages).

I knew it was going to be a special issue. I just didn't know how special!

Cites & Insights 6:5 available, Diamond Anniversary issue

It's the seventyfifth day of 2006, and C&I 6:5 is the seventyfifth issue of Cites & Insights. The special Diamond Anniversary edition is now available for downloading.

The 28-page issue, PDF as always (but also available as one big HTML file) consists of a tiny little Bibs & Blather and a 28-page

Perspectives: Seventyfive Facets--75 brief essays (average 290 words each), mostly new, some old (but most of you haven't seen them), covering a range of topics.

The PDF is unusually large (about 50% larger than it should be), and I'm not sure why. If the problem continues next month (when a more normal issue should appear), I'll rebuild the journal template to try to correct the anomaly. For now, well, expect a slow download and slow printing for Page 1; it should be fine after that.